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Scientific Data Management System

Abbott Informatics Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) allows you to increase efficiency, promote collaboration and ensure compliance through managing the data and documents generated by your lab.


Laboratories today generate many types of documents. Documents are used to ensure that every laboratory operates to appropriate standards through SOPs and standard methods, and to communicate results to customers through certificates of analysis. Laboratories also generate data from HPLCs, GCs and many other instruments, which can be brought into the STARLIMS products. Our SDMS integrates with STARLIMS to manage instrument data and documents generated in your laboratory.

Automate file processing

Documents and data are generated at different times during the day. The SDMS Grabber runs silently in the background, monitoring designated folders and locations, and automatically picking up and processing new files. Approval workflows are automatically kicked off, and documents and data are routed to the appropriate location, depending on the type of file.

Ensure compliance

Meet stringent regulatory requirements. SDMS has been specifically designed to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which includes record creation, audit trails, electronic signatures, data security and record storage in the original format. Use flexible retention and archiving policies with configurable approval and sign-off processes to meet your organizational policies.

Automate data entry

SDMS’ powerful parsing engine will extract data, including keywords, values, graphs and data tables, from instrument data output and document files stored in STARLIMS. This means you do not need to manually rekey data, saving you time and reducing transcription errors.

Reduce cycle times

Flexible workflow tools allow you to make sure documents are reviewed and approved by the right people, and before results are sent out to your customers. You can also automate the creation, review and approval of your internal laboratory documents, such as SOPs, test methods and product specifications, throughout your organization.

Promote collaboration

Since SDMS is built using web technology, your users can access information stored within SDMS using a browser from anywhere in the world. This means scientists can collaborate and review instrument outputs and documents with colleagues wherever they are. Search by keyword, metadata and free text to find any record. 


Customer Testimonial

Our reviewers no longer have to be on-site to review samples and data packages. Instead, the STARLIMS SDMS allows us to have all instrument files and reports attached electronically to the sample submission, and available for reviewers to review and approve on weekends and off-hours. This allows samples to be processed much faster."

Richard Caron, ImClone Systems

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We know the lab environment has faced enormous change. Increasing consolidation, policy changes, growing workloads and many other factors have fundamentally shifted the way labs operate today. That’s why our solutions are specifically tailored to your industry, with the flexibility to add or remove features as your needs evolve.

Why Abbott Informatics?

A LIMS solution is a lasting investment for your organization. That’s why we pride ourselves on being your dedicated, long-term informatics partner. For more than 27 years, we have helped labs achieve their analytical, regulatory and business objectives with our data management solutions. We’ll make sure our solutions can meet your lab goals not only today, but for years to come.

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