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Integrated Solution

Data management isn’t just about collecting and gathering information. It’s about having the right tools at hand that can generate real insight and help you to make better decisions. This is where the Integrated Solution comes in. Abbott Informatics Integrated Solution combines all of your lab data on a single platform – with a single search to access all the relevant data, irrespective of where it came from. 

Consolidate data into one easy-to-use platform

Laboratories handle a wide range of data, from well-defined, structured data to ad hoc, unstructured data from research. Traditionally, the only way to integrate structured and unstructured data was through customized integration projects, which had limited functionality and high ownership costs. With the Integrated Solution, you efficiently consolidate all types of lab information, using one platform to store, manage and access data and documents across your lab processes, independent of source and format. 

the integrated solution


Empower your users to analyze data better, by making information more accessible and usable throughout your processes. Our Integrated Solution is tailored to your lab and can include a combination of:


STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Our LIMS solution expertly handles complex processes, supports regulatory compliance, and promotes collaboration within your lab and among labs around the world.


Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Our SDMS extracts information from various scientific documents and laboratory instruments and places it into a structured, easy-to-access format.


Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Our ELN eliminates paper-based notebooks, forms and logbooks to increase efficiency, reduce error rates, and promote regulatory compliance by helping to enforce method execution.


Advanced Analytics

Use real-time data to make critical decisions quickly. By providing an easy way to view and analyze all of your lab data through intuitive graphs and tables, you can confidently make decisions that support your lab’s success. 



Take your lab on the go. Use your smartphone or tablet to track inventory, manage user access, view key performance indicators and much more. By having full control of the lab at your fingertips, you can increase productivity and efficiency even when you are in the field.

Achieve operational excellence in the lab

Our Integrated Solution has helped thousands of laboratories around the world to optimize the data management, accessibility, integrity and long-term value needed to transform data into actionable, effective information.   


Enhance regulatory and policy compliance

Automate your lab tasks and workflows to reduce manual steps, drive consistency, and meet compliance needs. 


Enhance data availability

Promote informed decision-making. Capture and protect key information through detailed laboratory notebook record keeping.


Minimize costs

Reduce costs by eliminating the support of multiple platforms and applications and the management of costly interfaces. 


Eliminate repetitive searches

Consolidate your data and eliminate lost time conducting multiple searches in various repositories.


Streamline information management

Dramatically improve information sharing and collaboration. A standard web browser is all your global users need to access lab data.


Work with one partner

Eliminate the need to develop and manage separate interfaces from multiple vendors. 

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We know the lab environment has faced enormous change. Increasing consolidation, policy changes, growing workloads and many other factors have fundamentally shifted the way labs operate today. That’s why our solutions are specifically tailored to your industry, with the flexibility to add or remove features as your needs evolve.

Why Abbott Informatics?

A LIMS solution is a lasting investment for your organization. That’s why we pride ourselves on being your dedicated, long-term informatics partner. For more than 27 years, we have helped laboratories achieve their analytical, regulatory, and business objectives with our data management solutions. We’ll make sure our  solutions can meet your lab goals not only today, but for years to come.

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